Name (Short name) Website Nationality Status
Conservation International (CI)
United States
NGO/private non for profit
Ministry of Environment and Forests of Madagascar (MEF)


Project Partners:

the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and its regional representatives; Conservation International;Regional government authorities;Local NGOs;Community associations and other stakeholders


General Information:

Project name Reduced Emissions from Deforestation in the Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor (CAZ) Protected Area, Madagascar
Secondary name Mantadia Corridor REDD-AR initiative
Status Ongoing
Location central eastern forests of Madagascar
Longitude 48.833333
Latitude -17.666667
Multiple location No
Area (hectares) 370032
Start date 2008
End date 2028
Duration (years) 30
Project description The project aims to reduce deforestation of primary Malagasy forest by creating a corridor to protect the remaining native forests between the Zahamena National Park and the forests collectively known as ?Ankeniheny? in central eastern Madagascar.In addition to protecting forest and stocked carbon, CAZ will protect one of the planet?s most important sites for biodiversity conservation.
Objective 1 conservation/restoration
Objective 2 climate
Objective 3 development
Type of forest humid
Deforestation drivers local livelihoods;slash and burn agriculture
Project Type ARR;REDD
Precision for AR propjects ecosystem restoration
Dominant type REDD
Project located in a protected area yes
Name of the protected area Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor
Size of the protected area (hectares) 370032
Proportion of the project located in a protected area 100%
Category of protected area (IUCN classification) 6
Sources PDD (used to provide most of the data in july, 2013);;


Carbon Certification:

Certification status certified
Standards CCB;VCS
Crediting period 2008-2018
Expected anual carbon credits(tCO2eq) 1011973
Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) 10119729
Validation date of the first certification 4/14/2014
Methodology for carbon standard VCS VM0015
Report for carbon standard #
Report for cobenefit standard
Type of baseline Avoided Unplanned Deforestation and Degradation
Sources VCS PDD


Sale of Carbon Credits:

Transaction status Period of issuance Quantity of credits sold Buyer's name Buyer's status Buyer's sector Buyer's nationality Buyer's motivation Type of credit market Carbon credit price(in USD) Sources
World Bank - BioCarbon Fund
forest conservation
Laura Brimont PhD;*oWcfmHtAabcoLhklas4E0CU2kJ85J7NkD4C*2-ZbMy1qQ500G5-VCoAAeNJ1IPdF5XE4rgZp5f1j9K1mDgHW0Wq/WorldBank2015MadagascarAnkenihenyZahamenaBiodiversityREDD.pdf;


Financing Sources:

Name of the financer Type of financing Amount (in USD) Financing period Sources
World Bank - BioCarbon Fund
Carbon prepayment
Laura Brimont PhD
World Bank - BioCarbon Fund
Carbon future
Laura Brimont PhD.;*oWcfmHtAabcoLhklas4E0CU2kJ85J7NkD4C*2-ZbMy1qQ500G5-VCoAAeNJ1IPdF5XE4rgZp5f1j9K1mDgHW0Wq/WorldBank2015MadagascarAnkenihenyZahamenaBiodiversityREDD.pdf;
Mulago Foundation
Direct NGO or foundation funding
Laura Brimont PhD
Mac Arthur Foundation
Direct NGO or foundation funding
Laura Brimon PhD


Socio-economic Characteristics:

Number of inhabitants in the area ND
Social expected benefits - Strong collaborative management (comanagement) component with local communities;- Direct incentives and alternative livelihood activities for communities living around the forest corridor;- Public consultations at commune and village levels to define protected area boundaries, zoning and land-use planning.
Participatory approach mentioned yes
Detail of the participation approach 6
Free Prior and informed Consent mentioned no
Type of payment received direct payment
Detail of the payment Conservation agreements provide direct payments to individuals working on conservation and monitoring activities and community benefits through development projects chosen by the communities;Small Grants Programme to promote new activities (135 yet)
Economic activities implemented by the project agriculture;agroforestry;conservation agriculture;ecotourism
Detail about economic activities fruit garden - under cover crops, introduction of new crops;
Expected employment yes but no data
Indirect investments Education;Health
Detail of indirect investments trainings in agricultural techniques;Scientific and Technical Planning Workshop;health-population-environment (HPE) program
9999/ND = No data